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JFrog Brand Guidelines

JFrog logo and marks usage

We’re thrilled that you want to refer to JFrog goods and services, and sincerely appreciate your help spreading the word. This page aims to provide you with all the information and resources you need for a correct use of the JFrog Marks (as defined below).

JFrog and its affiliates are the exclusive owners of the trademarks and trademark applications, whether words or designs, such as “JFrog”, “Artifactory”, “Bintray”, “Bintray Distribution as a Service”, tradenames and any other word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of JFrog’s products and services, whether or not registered (collectively referred to herein as the “JFrog Marks”).

To protect its trademark rights, JFrog is required to regulate the use of the JFrog Marks as well as the use of third party marks which may appear on the JFrog website, products or services (“Third Party Marks”).

Third Party Marks

JFrog is not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with the owners or holders of Third Party Marks. Third Party Marks are used by JFrog only to refer to software and other technology of third parties with which JFrog’s technology is compatible. JFrog’s use of these Third Party Marks in no way indicates any relationship between JFrog and their owners or holders. No right, license, or interest to the Third Party Marks is granted to you. You may not use Third Party Marks unless you have obtained from their lawful holder a valid license and/or in accordance with their trademark guidelines (not ours).

JFrog Marks

When using the JFrog Marks, you agree to follow these usage guidelines, our Terms of Service or Terms of Use (as the case may be) and all other applicable JFrog rules and policies relating to the protection of our intellectual property rights.

These guidelines, rules and policies only apply to your nominative use of the JFrog Marks to refer to products or services that come from JFrog. JFrog is not granting you any license to use the JFrog Marks in connection with the promotion of your own goods or services. JFrog reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permission in this policy at any time at its sole discretion. For further information about the use of the JFrog name and trademarks, please contact us at

Respect the Guidelines

To help keep the JFrog ecosystem strong, and to encourage a level playing field, the JFrog community has adopted a set of guidelines below, which JFrog adheres to. If you are currently using or are planning to use the JFrog Marks, we ask that you respect these guidelines:

  • Be respectful and polite.
  • Be collaborative and contribute back to the community (share your notes, make your image available on the JFrog registry, write blog-posts, etc.).
  • Provide your audience or local community with a quality of service that’s consistent with JFrog standards.
  • Don’t spam JFrog community forums and Social Media channels (IRC, google groups, etc.).
  • Utilize JFrog platform services, including developer authentication.
  • Do not use the JFrog products, services or the JFrog Marks for any illegal, immoral or unauthorized purposes.
  • Do not misuse the JFrog Marks.



The JFrog Media Kit, (38Mb) contains JFrog logos in AI and PNG formats in two different sizes, and with and without transparent backgrounds.

There are two layouts available: A horizontal version and a vertical (stacked) version. Depending on the background you may choose to use a version for use on a light background or on a dark background.


JFrog Artifactory logo - HorizontalJFrog Bintray logo - HorizontalJFrog Mission Control logo - Horizontal



JFrog Logo - Vertical

JFrog Artifactory logo - VerticalJFrog Bintray logo - VerticalJFrog Mission Control logo - Vertical

Usage guidelines

You may use the JFrog Marks to reference to JFrog in blogs, articles and such, provided that you do not use the JFrog Marks in a way that confuses JFrog with another brand, or in a way that indicates an endorsement, sponsorship, or association with or by JFrog.

Do not modify or alter the JFrog Marks or any signs indicating proprietary rights of JFrog or its licensors (such as ©, ™, or ®). Use our official logo only as seen above


  • When using the logo or the applicable JFrog Mark, please include a note to clarify that your service is using JFrog or is otherwise compatible with JFrog.
  • Scale the logo proportionally (without changing the aspect ratio) as you see fit.

Do not:

  • Modify the logo in any other way than scaling it.
  • Use the logo without the letters ‘JFrog’.
  • Move the position of the letters in relation to the logo.
  • Use our favicon on any of your sites or services.
  • Show the JFrog logo larger than your own logo.

Naming applications, products, or domains


  • Name your website, product, or application with something unique.

Do not:

  • Use “JFrog” or the JFrog Marks in the name of your website, application, service or product.
  • Register (or apply for) a domain containing “JFrog” or any of the JFrog Marks, misspellings, transliterations or similar variations thereof.
  • Apply for a trademark with a name including “JFrog” or the JFrog Marks (including any design thereof), transliteration or variations thereof or any other mark confusingly similar thereto.
  • Use the words “JFrog”, “Bintray”, “Artifactory”, and the JFrog Marks of any variations thereof to refer to services other than JFrog’s services.

Protect our goodwill

Do not take any action that would tend to destroy or diminish the goodwill in the JFrog Marks, or dilute any of them, including any use of the JFrog Marks in a derogatory, negative or other inappropriate manner.

Visual design of your website or application


  • Design your site with unique branding and logos.

Do not:

  • Copy our look and feel, as this could create user confusion.
  • Use any colorable imitation of the JFrog Marks or any variant form (including variant design forms, logos, colors or type styles) of the JFrog Marks not specifically approved by JFrog.

Books or publications about JFrog


  • Make sure that the title and any other references to JFrog in your book or publication make clear that the book or publication is about JFrog, and not created by JFrog. For example, describing that the book is a guide on “deploying services with JFrog” is appropriate, whereas describing a book as “The JFrog guide to Deployment” is not. In this respect, try being as informative as possible.

Do not:

  • Use the JFrog Marks or any other confusingly similar mark on your cover or in your title in a way that indicates endorsement, sponsorship, or association with JFrog’s. Products or services.
  • Use any of our JFrog Marks on merchandise without first obtaining our written consent.

Do not:

  • Use the JFrog name, the JFrog products or services name(s), or other marks that are confusingly similar to any of the JFrog Marks on any apparel, product, toy or any other merchandise.

Other things to know

  • Do not use the JFrog Marks or any other confusingly similar mark in your avatar, not on any of JFrog’s services and not on other services such as twitter, github and the likes.
  • Capitalize the “JF” in JFrog and JFrog file, except when you are specifically referring to the command line command, for example for ‘Jfrog run’. Then you should use ‘Jfrog’.

Download The JFrog Media Kit (38Mb)