Co-Founder & CTO

What keeps me going:

"New Technologies and creating products that change the way we create products"

Yoav, Co-Founder and CTO of JFrog, created Artifactory after 7 years as a senior consultant with AlphaCSP. He has held several senior technical roles with Attunity, Verve and Sausage. Yoav holds a Master of Computing degree from RMIT University and a BA in Law (LLB) from Haifa University.


Co-Founder & CEO

What keeps me going:

"Dream with people I love, make it come true with people who care"

Shlomi, Co-Founder and CEO of JFrog, brings over 20 years of experience in building profitable, high growth information technology companies.
Prior to JFrog, Shlomi was the CEO of AlphaCSP, a Java expert company that got acquired by Israel the largest IT group in 2005. Shlomi holds an MSc. from Clark University (Massachusetts) and a BA from Ben-Gurion University (Israel).


VP, Sales

What keeps me going:

"Knowing that everything we do has meaning, and seeing vision come to fruition"

Tali has been running the Sales team at JFrog from the early days of the company. Over the years Tali developed the JFrog sales funnel, built a global sales team and established well-defined customer and partner relationships.
In the 10 years of her career prior to JFrog, Tali fulfilled various executive Human Resources roles at AlphaCSP, Malam, the Prime Minister’s Office and SQLink. Tali holds a BA in Social Sciences and an MA in Law from Bar Ilan University.



What keeps me going:

"Working alongside passionate and compassionate people"

Hila has over 20 years of enterprise software domain experience in the establishment, development and delivery of various products. Prior to JFrog she held several executive positions in global hi-tech companies, such as SuperDerivatives, SAP AG and CheckPoint and has successfully built best-in-class R&D, operations and service teams.
Hila holds an Executive MBA from the Tel Aviv University - Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration and a BA in Computer Sciences from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.



What keeps me going:

"My family, my friends and a sense of purpose in this world"

Orit brings a wealth of high-tech industry experience, having served as VP of HR for Pontis, SolarEdge and Voltaire (acquired by Melanox), as well as in HR roles with Intel. Orit holds an MSc. from Clark University & a BA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University.


VP, Solution

What keeps me going:

"Driving change and working outside my comfort zone"

Jagan has over 16 years of enterprise software experience. He has built SaaS applications, driven development process initiatives, headed major overhauls of product modularization, performed dependency analysis & test optimization in a 6000+ development org, and has created effective high performance teams across the globe. An accomplished technical leader with a keen insight on current market trends, Jagan has an innate ability to manage deliverables across organizational boundaries, effectively promote collaboration and aligning objectives, and skillfully handle difficult technical and organizational solutions.
Prior to joining JFrog, Jagan headed an elite team responsible for transforming the development and delivery of Oracle and its software to the cloud, which included managing disruptive changes to modernize tools & processes, introducing infrastructure improvements to enable continuous integration/delivery/deployment, and improving stack integration and visibility of failure points which reduced multi-week cycles to several times a day.


VP, Product

What keeps me going:

"Creating innovative products that change the way software is made"

Dror has 15 years of experience in the enterprise software industry, working in many different roles from coding, architecture, development management to product management. Dror started his journey at JFrog as a development manager, and moved up to serve as the VP of R&D.
Prior to JFrog, he was the Director of Technologies in AlphaCSP, an R&D group leader in Golden Pages, Cortext and Infobit, and has both technical and leadership experience. Dror holds an MBA in Information Systems and a BA in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University.


VP, Finance

What keeps me going:

"Balanced books and hiking"

Prior to joining JFrog, Omer held several related positions at Ernst & Young and Parsons Brinckerhoff, where he gained experience with fundraising due diligence processes, as well as supporting company business model evaluations.
Over the last few years, Omer led and managed all financial aspects of three successful funding rounds, raising 62M from top investors in the industry. Omer holds a BA in Psychology and Economics from Ben Gurion University and an Executives MBA from Tel Aviv University.


Managing Director EMEA

What keeps me going:

"Passion and Curiosity"

Arnaud has 20 years of experience as a technical expert and manager. He co-founded AlphaCSP and went on to co-found and become president/CEO of EASYTEAM in the following 7 years. During these years, he developed a diverse expertise in operations, administrative, legal and financial management, marketing, sales, and HR in medium-sized consulting & services companies, offering customer added value.
Arnaud knows the art of creating and developing businesses, and has extensive operational experience that includes funding strategies, company organization, and service centers, all of which is backed up by a broad mastery of technologies. In his free time, Arnaud is involved in managing one of the largest rugby schools in France, loves crafting knives, playing the drums, and spending time in the French southwest countryside with his family.


Co-Founder & Chief Architect

What keeps me going:

"Java and open source software, hacking around"

Fred, Co-Founder of JFrog, is one of the most respected software architects in the developer community, with over 20 years’ of open-source and Java experience.
Prior to JFrog, Fred founded AlphaCSP, through which he led 5 branches worldwide as the company's CTO and as its visionary voice. Fred’s development has spanned technologies evolutions in his roles as a programmer, an architect, a consultant and a public speaker. Fred holds a Masters in Computer Science from Ecole central de Lille.



What keeps me going:

"Working with extraordinary people and making dreams come true! Good Music"

Keren has over 20 years of experience in HR. Prior to joining JFrog, Keren held several management positions, with companies including Tnuva, Malam and EDS. Keren holds an MBA from Manchester University and a BA in Behavioral Sciences from Ben Gurion University.


VP, Business Development

What keeps me going:

"Learning new things and experimenting with new ideas"

Kit has 15 years of experience in large-scale software development projects working in a variety of roles, from coding to test management and evangelism to product management.
Prior to JFrog, he worked as a Product Manager at Google, focused on Kubernetes container technology, open source, and software development and distribution. Before Google, Merker spent 10 years at Microsoft, where, among other positions, he led the engineering systems product team for the Bing organization.


VP, Marketing

What keeps me going:

"Telling the story of our vision and making it come true for our customers"

Ayalla has over 15 years of experience driving marketing of leading enterprise software brands. Prior to JFrog, she held executive positions at TIBCO Software and Oracle. Goldschmidt has been focused on marketing developer-centric software for over a decade. While at Oracle, she led Product Marketing for a three billion dollar product line, including The Java Platform and WebLogic Server and launched the very first services in the Oracle Cloud Platform. At IBM, she headed WebSphere Product Marketing. Ayalla holds an MBA from The Terry College of Business University of Georgia, and an MA and BA in Organizational Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Chief Financial Officer

What keeps me going:

"Determination to create something new and make impact"

Jacob, Chief Financial Officer of JFrog, brings over 25 years of experience in building the financial infrastructure and driving growth of multinational enterprises. Prior to JFrog, Jacob was the CFO of Mellanox Technologies, a leading supplier of end-to-end intelligent interconnect solutions and services for servers, storage and hyper-converged infrastructure. Jacob also held key finance positions at Atrica, Thyssenkrupp AG, Matav Cable Systems and Ernst & Young. Jacob holds an MBA from the College of Academic Management Studies (Israel) and a BSc in accounting and economics from Tel-Aviv University (Israel).
Jacob Shulman