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JFrog launches Xray 2.0 with High Availability to Bolster DevSecOps

4月 16, 2018

JFrog introduces Xray 2.0, the security and artifact analysis tool, offering zero DevOps cycle downtime and production ready multilayer analysis for complete CI/CD security

SAN FRANCISCO, April 16, 2018 – JFrog, the creators of the end-to-end binaries solution for DevOps, is announcing Xray 2.0, to bring high-availability to the continuous security and open source license compliance market at RSA Conference 2018. JFrog Xray provides DevOps engineers and developers with trust in their software releases. Giving application development and release processes early visibility into potential problems, Xray enables organizations to trust their pipeline from development to deployment and production with confidence. With the powerful integration with JFrog Artifactory, Xray is the only HA tool available in the DevOps domain that analyzes images and artifacts to ensure fast, reliable and secure software releases.


JFrog Brings Kubernetes Registry with Helm, Docker and Universal Repository to AWS Marketplace

4月 5, 2018

In addition to its universal repository that supports all major packages such as Maven, RubyGems, npm, NuGet, PyPI, and more (in all 20+ package types), Artifactory supports Helm, which is the package manager for Kubernetes applications.

AWS customers can now immediately realize the benefits of JFrog Artifactory Cloud to deliver reliable, higher quality software faster and without any additional procurement steps. The offering includes a universal repository with automated artifact management, integration with leading CI servers, checksum-based storage, repository replication, and more, plus training and support, providing customers a seamless experience. JFrog Artifactory Cloud is delivered as an AWS Marketplace SaaS offering with zero operational overhead for customers.

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JFrog democratizes DevOps for C and C++ communities, with free Conan support in Artifactory

Press release, 3月 28, 2018

JFrog announces free Artifactory Community Edition to help accelerate the DevOps revolution by bringing the most reliable software repository to C/C++ community

SUNNYVALE, California, March 28, 2018 – JFrog, the DevOps accelerator, announces that JFrog Artifactory, the company’s universal software repository, now offers a free community edition that serves the C and C++ communities via the Conan package manager. The new enterprise-class offering is the first repository available to the C and C++ communities that manages packages at scale for free.

JFrog Artifactory announces Artifactory Community Edition for C and C++ developers

Jenna Sargent, 3月 28, 2018

JFrog announced it will now be offering a free community edition of Artifactory for C and C++ communities. JFrog Artifactory is the company’s universal software repository that enables organizations to “continuously update” software. It features build tool integrations, replication, disaster recovery, orchestration tools, a variety of storage solutions, permission management, OAuth and download blocking.

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How To Stay Up-To-Date With The Future Of Software: With Shlomi Ben Haim, Co-Founder And CEO Of JFrog

futurethoughtleader, 2月 12, 2018

I had the pleasure of interviewing Shlomi Ben Haim, Co-Founder and CEO of JFrog. Prior to JFrog, Shlomi was the CEO of AlphaCSP that was acquired by the biggest IT group in Israel. Shlomi has more than 20 years of experience building profitable, high growth information technology companies.

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JFrog Adds Enterprise Software Veteran, Ayalla Goldschmidt, as Vice President of Marketing

Press release, 1月 24, 2018

Industry leader, Ayalla Goldschmidt, joins JFrog to head marketing and broaden the reach of JFrog in enterprise DevOps and the open source community

SUNNYVALE, California, January 23, 2018 – JFrog, the DevOps accelerator, announces a strategic addition to its executive team in order to propel its growth in the DevOps market. Ayalla Goldschmidt has joined the JFrog team as Vice President of Marketing, bringing close to two decades of extensive knowledge in enterprise software to further drive JFrog’s DevOps practices and strategy


Hosted by Randal Schwartz, Jonathan Bennett, 11月 1, 2017

JFrog provides world-class infrastructure for software management and distribution. Integrating with all major CI/CD and DevOps tools, Artifactory provides an end-to-end, automated and bullet-proof solution for tracking artifacts from development to production. As one of the JFrog leaders, Fred encourages strong collaboration with leading open-source projects such as SpringSource, Grails and Gradle by providing them with the Artifactory Cloud platform, and fuels the Continuous-Integration ecosystem with open-source plugins for leading tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, and Bamboo.

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Improve software releases with JFrog

SD Times Editorial Board, 11月 1, 2017

As software release cycles accelerate, DevOps teams lose insight into what they actually released. The higher levels of automation necessary to speed software delivery also accelerate the delivery of bugs. With JFrog, DevOps teams get the insight and control needed to improve release management effectiveness.

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Google, IBM and others launch an open-source API for keeping tabs on software supply chains

Frederic Lardinois, 10月 12, 2017

Google, JFrog, Red Hat, IBM, Black Duck, Twistlock, Aqua Security and CoreOS today announced Grafeas (“scribe” in Greek), a new joint open-source project that provides users with a standardized way for auditing and governing their software supply chain.

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Grafeas Project Debuts to Improve Kubernetes Supply Chain Security

Sean Michael Kerner, 10月 12, 2017

A new open-source effort backed by Google, JFrog, IBM, Red Hat and others launches to provide auditing and governance for the container software supply chain.

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