Universal Distribution
What is JFrog Bintray?

Gear-Up your
artifact management and distribution

Your end-users expect an Enterprise level platform, reliable, scalable, secured
and available everywhere anytime

Manage Complete Software Distribution
Host and manage your artifacts and integrate with your full DevOps ecosystem
Easily distribute artifacts hosted on Package Managers
Maven Repository
PHP repository
Continuously update your software on edge points and devices
Complete distribution as a service for your artifacts
Software update push to your production servers, remove effortlessly
Artifacts download center for your end users
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The bintray Difference

Universal Package Formats

JFrog Bintray natively supports all package formats, so you can work seamlessly with industry standard development, build, and deployment tools.

Native Integration with JFrog Artifactory

Transition all the artifacts hosted on JFrog Artifactory easily from development to distribution.

Download Entitlements

Grant or restrict access for customers to specific repositories, packages and versions and apply advanced geo-restriction rules.

Business Units Cost Management

Distribute your binaries and get billable usage reports according to Business Units, repositories and packages, to chargeback internal users.

Akamai CDN

Accelerate your binary downloads through worldwide coverage using Akamai enterprise network.

Unbeatable 24/7 R&D Level Support

We provide around the clock help from the best support team in the industry.

Statistics &
audit logs

Access extensive
download and storage
statistics via API and
Bintray UI.


Release your software with
Release Notes, EULA Tracking
and Downloads Tracking

Permissions &

Fine-grained authorization
and user provisioning layer,
allows access control for
publishing, managing and
consuming binaries.

Happy Customers Make Us
Leap Further

Release Fast Or Die