Conan 1.0. A Commitment to Stability

Conan 1.0 and JFrog

Conan joined JFrog towards the end of 2016, and we immediately embarked upon a journey to empower the C/C++ community with sound DevOps practices. Conan repositories were soon introduced to Artifactory giving C/C++ developers secure, private repositories to host their Conan C/C++ packages with fine-grained access control, automatic layout and storage for all platforms configured in the Conan client, not to mention enterprise features such as high-availability and massively scalable storage.

The next natural step was to introduce Conan Repositories in JFrog Bintray. Just like developers in other ecosystems, C/C++ developers deserve an enterprise-grade software distribution platform, fully automated through a rich REST API, with multiple layers of security and rapid CDN downloads. Bintray also hosts Conan Center, which replaced as the central public repository for Conan packages. With all the inclusion requests we are getting from the Conan community, Conan Center is well on its way to becoming the most comprehensive collection of Conan C/C++ packages publicly available on the web in 2018.

The recent release of Conan 1.0 is a milestone denoting the maturity of Conan and its commitment to stability and robustness. To learn more about this release, read about it in the Conan blog.

To really get to know Conan you can download the latest version from the Conan download page.

If you’re already using Conan and are ready to embark on a journey to DevOps, you can start hosting your Conan C/C++ packages in Artifactory today.

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