JFrog Artifactory and ElectricFlow Accelerate Time to Market

JFrog and Electric Cloud have partnered to help customers accelerate software delivery, increase release quality, reduce delivery costs, and provide higher reliability and traceability to better compete in the market. Electric Cloud has developed a plugin that integrates JFrog Artifactory’s universal artifact repository manager that supports all major package formats (20+ languages) with their DevOps deployment platform, ElectricFlow.

The integration with Artifactory’s universal artifact repository manager seamlessly retrieves relevant artifacts and their dependencies as part of the deployment process. ElectricFlow provides flexibility for users to specify a particular version in Artifactory, configure the deployment to always select the latest version, or even dynamically determine which versions to deploy during runtime.

The tight integration between ElectricFlow and Artifactory, the universal artifact repository manager, provides a reliable and automated continuous process across all development environments to ensure your teams can deploy to production with higher confidence. The ElectricFlow Snapshot automatically captures a version of the entire application which includes all the individual artifact versions pulled from Artifactory. Using Snapshot in deployments ensures consistency across all your environments – having the same components and configurations in your development, testing and production environments.

To learn more, see JFrog Artifactory plugin for ElectricFlow.

Here’s how to get started:

Start your free trial of Artifactory                                         Artifactory Trial

Start your ElectricFlow trial                                                   ElectricFlow Trial

If you have both Artifactory and ElectricFlow, you can download the plugin.