Like C/C++ Development with Visual Studio? Like it Better with Conan.

Conan for Visual Studio

Microsoft’s announcement of a Vcpkg was the dawn of a new era in package management for millions of developers using Microsoft Visual Studio for C/C++ projects. But while it’s great for retrieving and building OSS libraries from sources, it has limitations when trying to build user projects. Limitations such as the inability to manage (building, caching and sharing) binaries, which is a must for large projects, and the inability to work with different versions of the same package simultaneously in the same vcpkg instance.

But none of these limitations need to bother you with Conan C/C++ package manager on the scene. Conan works with any build system and can be used as a package manager for both pure Visual Studio as well as hybrid stacks.

To learn how to use Conan with Visual Studio to manage and share binaries for as many configurations as needed, read this tutorial on the Conan blog.