Enterprise Level Capabilities with Artifactory

The benefits of a JFrog Artifactory Enterprise License

Achieve unprecedented stability and availability with Artifactory HA
Artifactory HA offers five-nines availability by maximizing uptime, supporting heavy loads and reducing maintenance downtime virtually to zero.
Demo: Baruch will demonstrate how easy it is to set up an Artifactory HA cluster.

Enjoy unlimited scalability with S3 file storage
Put your Artifactory filestore on any S3 compatible distributed file system and achieve unlimited scalability while maintaining the same security and authentication offered by your S3 provider. Since your files are replicated and stored with redundancy, Artifactory’s support for S3 offers the capability for disaster recovery.

Multipush Replication
Replicate a local repository from a single source to multiple enterprise target sites simultaneously.
Demo: Baruch will show how easy it is to set up multipush replication and trigger a live replication during the webinar.

Mission Control
Take control of all your Artifactory instances. Mission Control offers centralized control, management and monitoring for all your enterprise artifact assets globally.
Demo: Baruch will show how easy it is to configure multiple Artifactory instances simultaneously and get an instant picture of system health for all your worldwide Artifactory instances.

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