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JFrog Artifactory and Xray installed on your AWS Outpost allows you to get the best of AWS and JFrog's Cloud services in a hybrid environment.

What Artifactory and Xray mean for your hybrid infrastructure

JFrog High Availability Deployment on AWS EC2


JFrog Enterprise delivers end-to-end automation and management of your binaries and artifacts. It is a scalable, universal binary repository manager that automatically manages your binaries and artifacts through the application development and delivery process that integrates with your DevOps tools and platforms.


Artifactory is the industry standard for universal binary and artifact repository solutions. Enterprise is highly available (HA) with zero downtime and provides multi-site replication for geographically distributed teams.


Add JFrog Xray, the universal software composition analysis (SCA) solution, that natively integrates with Enterprise, giving DevSecOps teams an easy way to proactively identify open source security vulnerabilities and license compliance violations before they manifest in production.

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