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JFrog's Xray and PagerDuty integrations allow DevSecOps teams to receive PagerDuty notifications for open source security vulnerabilities, license compliance violations and continuous scanning of packages and container images to quickly fix issues. With JFrog Pipelines and PagerDuty, users can simplify and streamline how to identify faulty builds that impact production environments. IT operators can quickly detect incidents, determine root causes, roll back builds and shrink resolution time. Get started with these free integrations today!


Xray Provides Deep Recursive Scan Through All Layers

Unprecedented visibility of your artifacts and dependencies enables Xray to provide an impact analysis of any issues discovered in your software. Deep recursive scanning examines all the underlying layers and dependencies of components, even those packaged in Docker images and ZIP files.

Fully Integrated with Your CI/CD Pipeline

Pipelines Integrations provide the mechanisms that enable an external service to inter-operate with Pipelines for all of your CI/CD needs. With Pipelines and PagerDuty’s digital operations management solution, IT operators can quickly detect incidents, determine root causes, roll back builds, and shrink resolution time. In addition, developers can promptly update quality assurance (QA) environments and notify the QA team of the deployed changes.

Enterprise Ready Build Integrations

As scaling complexity grows, the need for composition analysis becomes more important. Xray allows you to drill down or zoom out within your entire components graph and identify the real impact of every violation found. This can help you reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes by allowing for more incremental updates to applications in production. Additionally, with our PagerDuty and Pipelines integrations with your CI/CD servers, you can stop infected builds from ever getting to your repositories. During the build process, Xray will notify your CI server if an infected artifact is being included in your packages so the build can be halted before completion.

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